Part of what makes Bella Rosa Coffees so special is the roasting equipment that we use.  Our style of roasting is singularly unique. We don't drum roast. Rather, we've designed and built our own roasters which use convection rather than conduction to roast coffee.  


Our newest roaster, the Greenfield Model 64, can perfectly roast up to 120 pounds of coffee in twelve minutes flat.  Our equipment is virtually maintenance free, doesn't pollute, and is among the most efficient coffee roasters in the world.  It is capable of duplicating roasts with an extremely high degree of repeatability and does not require a dedicated operator.  It is a fully automated marvel of modern engineering.


The addition of this roaster to our production department gives us just over one million pounds per year roasting capacity. Our focus is solidly on wholesale.  We are certified as an Organic Food Processor by the State of California and Global Culture. We hold certifications for food safety as described by the US Department of Agriculture's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the US Food and Drug Administration's Harmonization Food Safety Standard (HFSS). 





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